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Keynote Speaker:

Richard (Rick) Wahle


Richard Wahle is the director of the University of Maine’s Lobster Institute and a research professor in the School of Marine Sciences. He is based at UMaine’s coastal laboratory, the Darling Marine Center, where he teaches and conducts his research.  He received his PhD in zoology in 1990 at UMaine. After postdocs at Brown University and the University of Rhode Island, he served as a senior research scientist at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences for 15 years before taking his current faculty position in 2009. Rick is broadly interested in the influences of the ocean’s physical and biotic environment on the population dynamics and distribution of marine benthic organisms. Much of his research integrates the fields of ecology, oceanography, and fishery science toward a better mechanistic understanding of marine populations and communities.

An experienced scientific diver, he employs field experiments and long-term monitoring to gain insight into the drivers of change in marine populations and communities. He founded the now long-standing American Lobster Settlement Index, a US-Canadian monitoring collaborative and database of lobster nursery grounds that has proven to be instrumental in predicting trends in the fishery through an understanding of larval transport, settlement, and post-settlement processes. 


He has published over 75 peer reviewed publications and book chapters, and has recently chaired two international lobster conferences and co-edited their proceedings for publication in professional journals.

Mr Lissiman is the Chair and an A Zone representative of WRL, and has been an owner/operator in the A and B Zones for over 34 years. Prior to this Mr Lissiman worked in Prawning, Tuna and Abalone fisheries. With his vessel, he has worked with the Fisheries Research Department on a number of research projects.


Mr Lissiman brings to the Board a wide experience of being an active member on Ministerial Advisory Boards, Councils and Fisherman’s Committees and has the historical knowledge and commitment to assist our industry in maintaining sustainability. Mr Lisisman is also a Director on the Board of the Geraldton Fishermen's Cooperative.

Keynote Speaker:

Terry Lissiman